Perception is Everything

Greetings, friends! I hope your holiday festivities were filled with joy and laughter in the company of those you love and cherish. {insert warm, mushy, "hallmark moment" sentiments here} (Hmm... that felt a little bit Scroogy... a little...) I enjoyed my holiday.... the food, the booze, the laughter, and the mini emotional breakdown the following … Continue reading Perception is Everything

I Get To Choose! (And So Do You)

I had one of those moments... You know, when the answer you've been searching for suddenly drops like a bomb into your awareness, and you're like, "I think I've known this the whole time." Then you realize that it's really true.  You HAVE known it the whole time, and for one heartbeat everything fades away, … Continue reading I Get To Choose! (And So Do You)

Those Good Vibrations {Shift It Real Good}

Hello, hello, Beautiful Souls!! It has been many weeks (aaalllright, months) since my last entry.  I have survived summer vacation, and am now in the full swing of things for this new school year. Actually, my summer was super great... very low-key and laid back. Love, love, love! Anyway... In the spirit of "moving forward … Continue reading Those Good Vibrations {Shift It Real Good}