Those Good Vibrations {Shift It Real Good}

Hello, hello, Beautiful Souls!!

It has been many weeks (aaalllright, months) since my last entry.  I have survived summer vacation, and am now in the full swing of things for this new school year.

Actually, my summer was super great… very low-key and laid back. Love, love, love!


In the spirit of “moving forward into new seasons,” (uh, did anyone see the full moon? And during the solstice, too!), I spent time this morning, while everything was quiet and still, clearing the spaces in my home.

“Ok, Rach… WTH is space clearing?”

Well, I’m so glad you asked!

Space clearing is a way to clear out and move any stagnant, heavy energy that has accumulated in the corners and crevices of your home, office, personal energy field, etc.  Native cultures call this form of ceremony, “smudging.”  Smudging is a ritual burning of loose or bundled dried herbs in a fireproof bowl, and allowing the smoke to fill the space in a room or the space around our bodies.  This practice, along with our prayers and intention, clears out heavy energy and invites positive, loving energy to take its place.

I try to smudge my home once a month, typically around the Full Moon, or New Moon.  I also smudge with sage after there has been illness in the house… like right now… one of these kids brought home the current school plague, and I have every intention of NOT catching it this year!

Space clearing can also be done using essential oils, water, sound, salt, breath… these are just a few additional ways of clearing energy that I’m aware of or have used.

Space clearing is about more than just burning herbs, diffusing oils, or pounding a drum.  The force behind the effectiveness of our ceremonies, any ceremony, actually, is our intent.

Where intention goes, energy flows.

Before I begin my smudging ceremony, I spend several minutes expressing my gratitude to Spirit.  The time I set aside for prayer is especially sacred to me… more so than my bubble bath and wine time.  Haha!

My intention during prayer is to make that deep, heart connection, and it is a simple thing… as soon as I turn my focus to gratitude, my spirit connects to Spirit and to all the life and energy around me.  It is the single most peaceful, joyful, loving, soulful experience of my life!  It is like breath… I need it to live.

Once I’m connected, and my intention is set, I open a few windows and light the herbs.  Moving clockwise around the room, and using a feather fan, I gently circulate the smoke along the walls, floors, ceilings, and into the corners and crevices.  I let my heart guide me in the clearing process.  If a certain area feels “sticky” or dense, I take a little more time in that spot, until I feel the energy break up and move out.

After I have completed circling, I stand in the center of the room and invite the light and love of God to fill my space, and in my mind, I see the room filled with light. When clearing bedrooms, I take time to pray special blessings upon each inhabitant of the room, especially if I feel they are needing a little extra support.

I close my ceremony by standing at the front door facing in, asking for a final blessing, and offering my gratitude.  Then I close the windows and doors, and carry on with my day.  It is incredible how different the house feels after smudging… lighter, brighter, happier.

Here is a video about space clearing, if you’re interested in learning more.

This is a really great book about space clearing (one of several that I have read).

AND… if you live locally to me, I would be honored to perform a space clearing ceremony in your home or office, or for you personally… to clear your personal, energetic space.  I am a certified Space Clearing Reiki Practitioner and a member of the Natural Healer Society.  Contact me for more info.

Natural Healer Society

I have used space clearing and intention-setting techniques at my husband’s place of employment, and goooood things are happening there!  Positive shifts in energy, attitude, morale, productivity… this stuff really works.

HATUN MUNAY (Much Love) to you ALL!!  Seriously… I love you guys… like, a lot.


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