The Way of Things

This past week felt a little like a rough ride.  I was stuck inside my head again, spinning around the old issue of my self worth and feelings of uselessness.


After my regular “therapy” session, and an extra session doing some “mind reprograming,” (I don’t know how else to describe it), I felt much better.  My bossy, responsible side is feeling more appreciative of my free-flowing, gypsy side, and vice versa.

Plus, I had a super tremendous idea for a little fun that would also provide a small amount of extra income for me.

See?  You get “unstuck” and the creative ideas start flowing!

I spent this morning with my brother having lively and refreshing conversation over coffee.  I discovered that I really enjoy conversations with him, even though he has a very scientific viewpoint about most things.  I appreciate his point of view because it challenges my own.  I think it is healthy for me to be able to step back and examine my perspective on different topics, ideals, and standards.  It keeps me from becoming stale, stuck, inflexible, and narrow-minded.  I value the spiritual, mystical side of this human experience, and he values the logistical, practical side.  That doesn’t mean that one side is better than or more right than the other.  They feel complementary to me… the scientific, practical side keeps the “airy-fairy” side from flying away, and the spiritual, mystical side keeps the “nerdy” side from taking itself too seriously.


There is no right or wrong,
No good or bad.
There is only what is.
Appreciate it, and let it be.

Grace and Peace, my friends!

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