Don’t Fear the Flow

“The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak” is the theme of this blog post.  I caught whatever plague is spreading through the school these days.  Everything hurts and I’m dying.  Ok, not dying, but my energy tanks have been flashing the “empty” warning light at me for a couple of days.  My face is so full of snot I can barely string two thoughts together, but I’m hoping my trusty sidekick, Alka Seltzer, will help me write something brilliant.  HA!

I’ve been binge-watching Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman on Amazon Prime for a few days.  It’s about all my brain has been able to do besides keep me breathing and my heart beating.  My mind and heart would rather continue devouring the plethora of books I’m reading, but my body is like, “Nope.”  So, I mindlessly watch TV.  I haven’t been so comatose, though, as to miss some neat messages.  God uses the most interesting means to get our attention.  (One time, I learned a little lesson about transparency and authenticity from a SpongeBob cartoon.)


I’ve been watching the evolution of this post-Civil War, Colorado mining town.  The characters in the story are fictional, but the evolution of their humanity is not.  Dr. Quinn moves to this small town and brings her grand ideas for change and progress, and the townsfolk have a hard time embracing anything new, different, or foreign.  They are comfortable with their lives just the way they are, and scared of anything they don’t understand.  At first, they are unable to accept change, but eventually they adapt.

So it is in our own lives today.  We are comfortable with the way things are.  We are comfortable in our jobs, community, and religion.  Whatever system we are plugged into, we find it hard to imagine things being any other way.  We become so comfortable, we fail to see the lies and prejudice beginning to form.  Our ideas and traditions become the “right” ones, and everyone else is “wrong.”  Outside ideas are “evil” and anyone from a different system is “untrustworthy.”

Despair not, good citizens!

People and systems are capable of changing.  At some point, everyone faces the choice to change or remain the same.  There must be death before new life, and shedding of the old before growth of the new.  As it is in nature, so it is in the ongoing evolution of humanity.  Everyone gets to choose how they will participate in it… stuck where it’s comfortable and familiar or braving the unknown for a chance at something better?

We can remain fearful and stuck, complaining about the things we don’t like, defending ideas and traditions that no longer make sense to us because “this is the way it’s always been done,” or we can embrace the excitement and terror of creating a new reality for ourselves… one that elevates love and kindness and acceptance as the normal flow of life, instead of the exception.

We must be willing to let go of things that are good, in order to grab hold of things that are great.

(tap, tap, tap… mic check…)

Did you hear me?

**We must be willing to let go of things that are GOOD, in order to grab hold of things that are GREAT.**

We must be willing to look deep within ourselves and acknowledge the beautiful AND the ugly, the light AND the dark, the forgiveness AND the offense, the love AND the hate.

Face those things, name them, and Let. Them. Go.

I felt Spirit whisper to my spirit once, a few years ago… “Everything flows from the place of love. Would you like to learn what that means?”

With fear-laced excitement I replied, “Yes!”

And everything since then has been an adventure… a painful, beautiful, loving adventure.

I feel more alive now than ever before… freer, happier, more joyful and peaceful than ever.  I feel grounded and solid, yet weightless and soaring at the same time.

I will continue to embrace the living flow of love in my life.  Though it will lead me to pain and death many times, it will birth the most amazing life and freedom into my soul.  That is the part nobody can ever take from me… (enter Braveheart…) my freeedooom!

I always have a choice in any circumstance… to choose love over hate, kindness over malice, communication over assumption, forgiveness over offense, acceptance over intolerance.

Everything flows from the place of love.

Identify those things that dam the river of love from flowing through your heart and soul, and let them go.  No tradition or opinion is worth the loss of loving flow in your life.  Free yourself to live and love with whole-hearted abandonment.  Free yourself to enjoy every wonderful, terrifying moment of this beautiful, painful, worth it life.

I saw this meme on Instagram, and I really like it:

“Become friends with people who aren’t your age.  Hang out with people whose first language isn’t the same as yours.  Get to know someone who doesn’t come from your social class.  This is how you see the world.  This is how you grow.”  (@the_wisdom_of_the_shamans)

Love & Light, my friends

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