Powerful Words

Greetings, friends!

I decided to bring Story Time back into our bedtime routine at my house.  We haven’t practiced story time for several years.  Honestly, I was relieved when my kids learned how to read for themselves.  I was so tired of reading the same books over and over… some were so heavily favored, I thought I would scream if I had to read them one more time.  One more request for “Goodnight Moon” and I was seriously going to lose my shit.  I even hid that book at the back of the bookcase where I couldn’t see the cover peeking out at me, but I can feel it… lurking…

There are sooo many books to choose from for Story Time now.  Grown-up-ish books about fascinating ideas and things… I’m giddy just thinking about all the possibilities…

I chose “The Four Agreements” by don Miguel Ruiz.

It was received with groans and eye-rolling and “Can’t we read Harry Potter instead?” (and I am definitely considering H.P. for sure next time), but I wanted to read my kids something with substance first, something to get them thinking about their state of being in the world.

Thankfully, after reading the First Agreement, (be impeccable with your word), we had a really good discussion about it.  After breaking the content down a little for them, my kids were able to make associations between what we read and their own life experiences up to this point.

I challenged them with a little homework for this week:  “Practice being impeccable with your word with yourself and with each other… consciously spread love and kindness with your words.”

I explained to them that we should feel the safest and the most loved and the freest to be ourselves within our own family group, and the best way to foster an environment of love is to be kind and loving in the way we speak to each other.

This experiment could totally bomb, but I believe that it can be totally great, too!

Words have power to create, to heal, to support, to spread love.

Words also have power to curse, to injure, to destroy, to spread hatred.

The First Agreement asks us to examine the words we speak to ourselves and to others… are we casting curses?  Or are we spreading love and life?

If you would like to join my family and me in our homework assignment for this week, to be impeccable with our word, please do!  And I would LOVE to hear about your experiences, too.  Feel free to share in the “Comments” section below.  You can also join me on my FaceBook page.

May our words create more love for ourselves and for others this week.

Love & Light, my friends!

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