A Friendly Welcome

Hello, friends!

Soul Wings Yoga and Healing Arts is all about health… body, soul, and spirit.  My name is Rachel, and these are my stories.  Some stories are more inspiring than others, but every story is honest.  I am on a quest to become the best version of myself, and to stay sane in a post-pandemic world.

I am learning how to navigate life…

… after divorce
… after EMS
… after weight loss and weight gain… and hopefully weight loss again

I am learning how to maintain an attitude of gratitude amidst oftentimes crippling depression, anxiety, stress, and feelings of uselessness and failure.  I am thankful for the expertise of my counselor who is helping me build new neural pathways and redeem my stories of pain and trauma.

Join me on my journey as I get real about my health… health of body, soul, and spirit. May you be inspired, encouraged, and challenged as you follow me on this crazy ride called Life!


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